Support Israeli scientists researchers abroad

ScienceAbroad is an Israel-based nonprofit
organization that harnesses the power of senior Israeli scientists abroad. Through its wide-reaching professional and social network, ScienceAbroad inspires connections with local Jewish communities, international scientists and with Israel. The network advances scientific achievements, bolsters the Israeli identity of scientists living overseas, and helps facilitate the
return of great minds to Israel.

Since its inception in 2006, ScienceAbroad has grown to over 2,800 members on 300 campuses, with 23 branches worldwide, and is run by scientists who volunteer their time and expertise.

ScienceAbroad empowers Israeli scientists working on college campuses to speak out against rampant delegitimization of Israel.

Growth and renewal

2017 was a year of growth and renewal. The number of members increased steadily and today, stands at 2,800 members. We also added centers in England and launched the new initiative “A Window to Applied Science” at the Pharma Industry, ‘a Door to Israel’; (detailed

Additionally, we formed a partnership with Nova, which will guide us in our long-term strategic planning. A new website was built and organizational presence on social networks was expanded.

Collaboration with the Nova Association

With thanks to a special donation, we have begun collaborating with the Nova Association, which will help us build a focused strategy and business plan, guide us in raising sources of
independent income, facilitate an evaluation and assessment of our efforts, and establish an alumni community.

Midot Seal of Effectiveness

This year we were awarded the Midot Seal of Effectiveness, demonstrating our focus on a commitment to results, ongoing improvements, and social impact.

Industry based research workshop

At the end of 2017, we conducted the industry-based research workshop: “A Window to Applied Science in at the Pharma Industry, a Door to Israel”.

Initially partnership with Teva, Teva halted its participation and ScienceAbroad was able to quickly recruit the lecturers from Teva,
who volunteered to deliver the workshop’s content, the donors who donated the venue and the costs associated with the workshop.

The workshop received positive feedback as described by Dr. Moran Yedid:

“Sea turtles go out to the beach during their nesting period, laying their eggs in the sand in hidden niches and then return to the water.

The small turtles hatch somewhere beyond their natural environment and must navigate their way to the water. Some will succeed, some will not,
some will get lost…

We, the post-docs fellows who are returning to industry, are much like sea turtles.
After being tossed into the sand we had to find our way to the water in an almost random motion.

Your activity is wonderful because it helps us find our way. “

Expanding collaboration with the Industry

ScienceAbroad is expanding its collaboration with industry members and academic institutions to create more opportunities for information exchange, job postings and meetings at the organization’s overseas centers.
We are launching a new  post-doc fellowship with the IDT.

Over 160 events in our centers

During the year, more than 160 events took place in our centers abroad, facilitated with the help of our regional volunteer managers. These community events aim to preserve the Israeli identities of the scientists and their families, offer professional lecturers from Israel’s academia and industry key figures, provide professional discussion groups, science & beer events and online seminars.

Flight Grants

44 flight grants were approved for scientists to travel for job interviews in Israel!

Media visibility

We worked to increase the organization’s media visibility both on the website and on social networks. The new website will continue to evolve, with our advanced portal housing a job center, event calendar and a search engine for researchers.

In the coming year we will increase our efforts in becoming familiar with the industry in Israel,and mentoring programs and programs to promote women in science will be developed.

Present Entrepreneurial Tools
ScienceAbroad‘s annual regional managers conference was successfully held in November in conjunction with the IAC conference in Washington DC.

Entrepreneurial fairs were held in Bethesda, Baltimore and New York, with the participation of Nadav Kadron, CEO and President of Oramed as well as Dr. Miriam Kidron and representatives of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.

These events aim to present entrepreneurial tools to the scientists and share in the benefits offered by the State of Israel.

ScienceAbroad activities rely mainly on donations. Part of the organization’s annual budget is funded by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, the universities and foundations, with the bulk being supported by private donors. We are raising funds to develop new programs, expand cooperation and support existing activities.

We would like to express our profound thanks to the volunteers, speakers,
volunteer regional managers, our donors and partners in our work!


Tax-deductible donations in U.S. dollars, with a recommendation to earmark the funds for ScienceAbroad # 58-492809, should be made payable and sent to the following address:

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. 630 Third Ave, Suite 1501 New York, NY 10017 Minimum contribution is $25. PEF cannot accept credit card donations. After making a contribution, please inform us ([email protected]), so we can monitor the transfer. If you have any questions, please contact Ayala Gottfeld at:[email protected] Your commitment is sincerely appreciated

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