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Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. and ScienceAbroad established a postdoctoral fellowship that aims to assist outstanding young Israeli scholars in the life sciences advance to excel in their respective fields.

Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT), the global leader in custom nucleic acid synthesis, develops, manufactures, and markets nucleic acid products for the life sciences industry including academic research, biotechnology, agriculture, medical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. IDT’s oligonucleotides and proprietary technologies are used for genomics applications including next generation sequencing, CRISPR genome editing, qPCR, and RNA interference. IDT has multiple USA sites, with headquarters in Illinois and manufacturing facilities in Iowa and California. The Company’s global presence includes manufacturing in Belgium and Singapore, as well as an international network of sales representatives and distributors. This award is made possible by IDT’s Foundation for Advancing Technology and Community Giving.

ScienceAbroad is an Israel-based nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of senior Israeli scientists abroad. Through its wide-reaching professional and social network, ScienceAbroad inspires connections with local Jewish communities, international scientists and Israel. This network advances scientific achievements, bolsters the Israeli identity of scientists living overseas, and helps facilitate the return of great minds to Israel.

The fellowship supports postdoctoral research in the life sciences to be conducted in a recognized academic institution outside of Israel.

This fellowship is not exclusive and may be obtained in parallel to another fellowship.


  • Israeli citizen
  • Candidate must have completed (or will be completing within the current academic year) a PhD at an accredited Israeli institution of higher learning.
  • Candidate must reside in Israel at the time of application. The Fellowship may only be used to fund the first period of postdoctoral study abroad.
  • No more than 3 years have passed since receipt of a PhD degree (in outstanding cases exceptions might be considered)
  • Applicants must begin their postdoctoral research abroad by August 2019.
  • The candidate has published at least one article as a first author in a peer-reviewed leading international journal in his/her field.
  • Candidate must be registered as a ScienceAbroad member.


  • 20,000$ USD stipend
  • 5000$ USD for relocation purposes
  • 15,000$ USD paid for awardee research expenses, for up to a 3 year period


Applications and supporting documentation must be in English and are only accepted via the online application system.

Application start date: January 14, 2018

Application deadline: March 14, 2018

For detailed application instructions please refer to the IDT-ScienceAbroad Postdoctoral fellowship guidelines before applying.

Applications are not complete unless all the information and documents required are submitted, including the reference letters.


All applications are examined by the IDT-ScienceAbroad fellowship program director at ScienceAbroad to ensure they are complete and eligible. All eligible applications are then sent to the fellowship review committee.

Applications will be evaluated and rated by the Fellowship Review Committee based on:

  • Previous scientific achievements of the applicant
  • Novelty and biological significance of proposed research
  • Appropriateness of the host laboratory for the proposed research and training of the applicant.

The top selected applications will then be sent to IDT for final evaluation and selection of the fellowship recipient.

The awardee will be chosen and notified no later than June 14th, 2018.


Announcing IDT-ScienceAbroad postdoctoral fellowship award winner for 2018-2019 – Dr. Ido Sagi

We are happy to announce the winner of the IDT-ScienceAbroad postdoctoral fellowship award for the 2018-2019 academic year   Dr. Ido Sagi. For more info – Click here