Senior ML Scientist

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We are looking for a senior hands-on scientist that will lead a crazy ambitious project and grow with us.

●  MSc/PhD related to machine learning application to biological/medical problems
●  At least 5 years in the industry in R&D positions
●  Proven experience in developing ML architectures for challenging prediction problems
●  Hands-on Python-based machine learning frameworks and libraries (e.g. TensorFlow/PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Pandas etc.)
●  Understanding of the nature of biological data and how to deal with it
●  Healthy software development attitude


As a senior machine learning scientist you will tackle our hardest predictive problems using challenging biological public and proprietary datasets. You will be responsible for the design and development of key ML models, as well as on data acquisition strategies to improve and validate the models.

If you are passionate about applying ML to truly important problems – talk to us.

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