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Lab Manager – Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University School of Life Sceince [Tel Aviv, Israel ] 21-02-2019
Type:  Academy
Main Discipline:  Life Sciences
Location:  Center
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Posted:  21-02-2019
Job Status
Start Publishing:  21-02-2019
Stop Publishing:  30-04-2019
Tel Aviv University School of Life Sceince
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Come join a new and exciting lab at Tel-Aviv University starting January 2019! Enjoy the opportunity to help establish a new lab and a new research program, as well as: Lead independent research; Supervise and mentor postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students; Develop working protocols and experimental procedures; Write papers, grants, and proposals; Coordinate all aspects of running a lab including equipment maintenance, supplies and purchasing, safety, and administration. Full-time 100% funded position. Contact Gili Bisker [email protected] for more details.


We are an interdisciplinary nanotechnology lab working on: Optical nanosensors development, molecular recognition with nanoparticle probes, biomarkers detection, monitoring active processes within living systems, and near-infrared imaging and fluorescent microscopy. Requirements: PhD and postdoc experience in nanotechnology, biotechnology, bioengineering, chemical engineering, material science, chemistry, life sciences, or related fields. Experience in fluorescent microscopy, spectroscopy, nanoparticles synthesis and characterization, proteomic techniques, and cell culturing, is an advantage. Contact Gili Bisker [email protected]