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University Of Haifa Call For Applicants For A PhD, Postdoctoral/Research Assistant Position
Haifa University [Haifa, Israel ] 24-02-2019
Type:  Academy
Main Discipline:  Life Sciences
Location:  Haifa and the North
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Posted:  24-02-2019
Job Status
Start Publishing:  24-02-2019
Stop Publishing:  30-04-2019
Haifa University Haifa, Israel
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One PhD, postdoctoral or research assistant appointment is offered for a social science researcher in the field of medicine, psychology, public health, sociology or related discipline. The project is entitled: “Pain-depression interaction and the role of medical cannabis to ease symptoms among chronic pain patients: an experience sampling method study” and is led by Dr. Sharon Sznitman at the School of Public Health, University of Haifa.

Project description:

Medical cannabis (MC) is a multimodal rapidly effective treatment that has the potential to treat multiple symptoms and conditions such as pain and depression concurrently. However, there is currently a lack of evidence to develop clinical guidelines in the realm of MC treatment in pain-depression comorbidity. The study will use an intensive longitudinal assessment design known as experience sampling method (ESM) to elucidate momentary and lagged associations between chronic pain, depression severity and self-titrated MC doses. The knowledge gained will move the research field towards a more comprehensive understanding of the underlying associations between pain and psychological responses and explore the potential clinical efficacy and risks of targeting the endocannabinoid system for pain relief and comorbid depression. Data will be obtained from chronic pain patients who use whole plant MC in their own natural environment. As such the proposed study will provide an ecologically valid evidence-base that reflect the actual experiences of people who use MC to treat symptoms of chronic pain.


Appointment details:

The PhD, postdoc or research assistant will be responsible for collecting data, data management, statistical analysis and dissemination of results (including writing up of results and preparing papers for peer-review publications). The candidate should ideally be in the process of completing his/her PhD or have completed his/her PhD within the last 5 years. However, candidates with completed Master degrees and required skills (see below) will also be considered for PhD or research positions.


Selected applicants will receive a monthly stipend or salary and the amount will depend on the rank of the position offered and experience of candidate.  The candidate will be hired for a minimum of 2 years and maximum 4 years. The review process will begin on 1st of Feb, 2019. Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.