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UC Berkeley, being one of the top universities in the USA attracts many Israeli researchers each year. The ScienceAbroad center aspires to serve as a hub for these researchers, encouraging social and professional networking as well as being a source of information. Members of our community come from different disciplines, including Life Sciences, Physics, Health Professions, Law and others.

We meet once a month for a social or professional meeting around campus, and we are open for suggestions for actives you would be interested in.
We are welcoming every Israeli scientist in the Bay Area to join us, feel free to drop us a line and join our Facebook page.

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Adi completed his B.Sc. degree at Ben-Gurion University, in the Marine Biology and Biotechnology program. He later received his M.Sc. from the Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment at the Hebrew University, where he studied the effect of an alkaloid derivative on a model of Duchene Muscle Dystrophy using microarray technology.

For his Ph.D., Adi studied the interactions between marine sponges and their microbial symbionts, and graduated from the Zoology Department at Tel Aviv University.

In his current research, Adi is studying the microbial ecology of soils at a sub-alpine watershed, using genome-resolved metagenomics and metatranscriptomics. The goal of this study, which is part of a long-term research effort taken by the Department of Energy, is to model how early snowmelt, due to climate change, affects carbon and nitrogen dynamics in high altitude watersheds, and how this in turn affects downstream water sources.

Ray Keren, Ph.D.


Ray got his BSc Degree from Ben-Gurion University, in the Marine Biology and Biotechnology program. He was then accepted to the direct PhD program at Tel-Aviv University, where he did his research in Prof. Ilan’s sponge lab at the Zoology Department. His thesis work focused on sponge-associated microbes participating in the arsenic cycle, especially biomineralizing bacteria.

Ray is currently in UC Berkeley, doing his postdoc in two labs; Alvarez-Cohen group in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Banfield group in Earth and Planatery Sciences. He has several research projects with a main theme of bioremediation. Some revolve around nitrogen remediation of wastewater and others related to arsenic remediation of groundwater

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