Project Description

Chicago is home to two of the nation’s – and the world’s – most prestigious universities, the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. ScienceAbroad’s Chicago Center is based at the University of Chicago. We have a small yet supporting community and cooperate on social events with the Israeli House in Chicago and local Hillel whenever possible.

Regional manager

Benny Elbaz, Ph.D.


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Benny graduated with an M.Sc. in Biotechnology from Bar Ilan University, working in Prof. Orit Shaul’s lab, where he focused on the Arabidopsis thaliana vacuolar metal/proton exchanger. Despite this thrilling topic, his M.Sc. work was published in a journal you will likely never read or subscribe to (unless you belong for some reason to the “plant science” community).

Benny graduated with a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Hadassah Medical School, where he worked in Prof. Hannah Rahamimoff’s lab. In his Ph.D., Benny was interested in immunosuppressive drugs, immunophilins, and functional expression of the Sodium-Calcium Exchanger (NCX) Isoforms. His current work investigates the transcriptional control of myelin formation in the nervous system.  

When not chained to the lab, Benny spends his free time biking around Chicago.

Past events

Networking Event

Meeting with Prof. Haggit Atiya

Enterpreship Event

פתיחת שנה במרכז בשיקגו

Local Partners

ליטל חזק

Hillel Chicago