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There are currently over 750 ScienceAbroad alumni living in Israel throughout the country, working and researching in both the industry and Academia.

In ScienceAbroad we wish to maintain a dynamic and vibrant relationship with our Israel Alumni Association. Working hand in hand, we provide the ground for an Israeli network to advance the career of our members.

If you experienced an academic period abroad for your graduate studies, post-doc or internship and enjoyed being part of the ScienceAbroad community, we invite you to share your experience and stay connected with people alike. You can find old friends, and make new connections


Regional manager

Michal Arad, Ph.D.


Yigal Achmon, Ph.D.


I am interested in the field of applied sustainable waste management. This field gives value to agriculture and food residues. I currently explore two related avenues: first, a sustainable pest management technique called biosolarization, and second, a waste-to-energy process through anaerobic digestion. In both of these projects, I utilize microbial communities as a work force platform. I use next generation sequencing along with advanced fermentation processes to elucidate the role of these microbial communities in complex bioengineered systems (“xeno-ecological” niches). In the biosolarization project, I conduct lab simulations of field soils and explore the fate of different waste residue amendments. In the anaerobic digestion project, I adapt microbial communities to extreme conditions of low water, high temperature, and high organic loading rates.

Past Events

סדנת חשיפה לתעשיית הפארמה והביוטק , מחזור שני 13-17/1/2019, בשיתוף טבע

סדנת חשיפה לתעשייה 2017