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Project Description

New York University (NYU) is a private university based in New York City. Our Columbia center founded in 2016 and has members from different disciplines..

Regional manager

Inbar Alfaguter, Ph.D.


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I am currently a Postdoctoral fellow at New York University Medical Center, Department of Medicine, in Dr. Adam Mor’s lab investigating signaling pathways that effect adhesion between T cells and antigen presenting cells. I have completed my B.S.c. in molecular, cellular and medical biology, from the University of Bar Ilan, and then completed my M.Sc. from Tel Aviv University, in the Department of Microbiology under the supervision of Dr. Shai Ashkenazi and Dr. Yael Yuhas, studying the influence of Rifampin on prostaglandin E2. I received my Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University, in the department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry under the supervision of Dr. Hagit Eldar Finkelman. My PhD project was to understand the distinct molecular and cellular functions of GSK-3 isozymes. Another project studied during my PhD training, which I am very proud of, was the discovery of a novel-signaling pathway linking GSK-3 with mTORC1/autophagy, implicating a new role for GSK-3 in cell growth and cancer.

I am a mother of two amazing kids, Bnaya (7.5 years old) and Gaya (3.5 years old) and the wife of a very supportive husband, Eli.

Local Partners

נטלי משה

Israeli-American Council (IAC)