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Project Description

Oxford is the home of the first English speaking University in the world – University of Oxford. There is a small and very warm Israeli community, mainly associated with the University. Oxford Science Abroad center is recently established and welcome members from all across the departments of the University, hospitals and the private sector.

Regional manager

Anna Veprik, Ph.D.


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Anna is a postdoctoral fellow in Cantley and de Wet labs in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford. She is working on metabolic homeostasis in diabetes and funded by the Novo Nordisk fellowship. Anna obtained her PhD from Weizmann Institute (Walker lab), her MSc from BGU (Sharoni and Levy lab) and BA from the Biology department, Technion. She is interested in the interplay between nutrition and metabolic signalling. Anna enjoys living in Oxford – the place that makes Harry Potter look like a documentary.

Past events

חנוכה באוקספורד אנגליה

Tu Bishvat celebration-OxfordUK

Purim celebration at Oxford UK

מפגש עם פרופ’ יובל דור באוקספורד