Weizmann Institute of Science introduce a NEW Department of Immunology & Regenerative Biology (IRB)

The Department of Immunology and Regenerative Biology (IRB), is part of the Faculty of Biology. It currently comprises
22 research groups and a total of over 200 people. They are located on the Weizmann campus in the Candiotty, Britannia and Wolfson buildings.

Research activities of the IRB Department span a broad spectrum of basic and clinically relevant questions. Topics range from fundamental aspects of cancer, hematopoiesis, cell differentiation, metabolism, inter-cellular communication, extracellular matrix remodeling and the genetic and epigenetic changes that contribute to these processes. With a unique focus on immune cell development and function, we study a wide range of physiological and
pathophysiological settings, including the host-pathogen interface, embryonic development, inflammation, tissue regeneration post infection and injury, and vascular and lymph angiogenesis. State-of-the-art approaches developed by our members include intra-vital and whole organ 3D imaging, multiplexed ex vivo staining, conditional gene manipulation in animal models, organoid research, advanced genomics and proteomics, and human-derived samples and their bioinformatic analysis at the single cell level. Combining pre-clinical mouse models and patient samples, we also develop novel therapeutic strategies for
improved immunotherapies and vaccination.

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