Here is what we do for you

Who we are

ScienceAbroad is an Israel-based nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of senior Israeli scientists living abroad. Through its wide-reaching professional and social network, ScienceAbroad inspires connections with local communities, international scientists and with Israel. The network advances scientific achievements, bolsters the Israeli identity of scientists living overseas, and helps facilitate the return of great minds to Israel.

Since its inception in 2006, ScienceAbroad has grown to over 4,500 members across 300 campuses and has established 34 branches worldwide run by scientists who volunteer their time and expertise.

More than 1,200 ScienceAbroad members have returned to Israel.

ScienceAbroad is committed to promoting diversity and equality of opportunity. We aim to build inclusive and diverse communities representing all Israeli backgrounds, with as wide a range of perspectives as possible, and harnessing scientific and social leading skills. We believe that the more inclusive we are, the better our network will be. We welcome and invite Israeli scientists from all walks of life to join our community, regardless of their characteristics and/or fields of knowledge.

Our Vision

ScienceAbroad seeks to position Israel’s industry and academia as a magnet for those Israelis with advanced degrees who are living abroad.

Overriding Goals

  1. To create a support network for researchers and their families, in order to ease their stay abroad and allow them to focus and succeed in their research.
  2. To encourage the return of Israeli scientists to industry-based research tracks and entrepreneurial opportunities in Israel.
  3. To assist Israeli researchers who wish to return to Israel.
  4. To boost the number of research positions available in Israeli academia and industry.


  1. To increase the exposure of employment opportunities in Israel for Israeli researchers living abroad, emphasizing industry and entrepreneurship as a means to engage them.
  2. To provide members with the necessary tools toward their integration in various employment tracks – industry, academia, government, entrepreneurship, etc.
  3. To reinforce the Jewish/Israeli identities of members’ children, as well as strengthen ties with Israel, in order to encourage the family’s return to Israel.
  4. To connect Israeli scientists with potential employers in Israel and assist in obtaining relevant job interviews.
  5. To offer support vis-à-vis members’ return to Israel, including providing information and dealing with bureaucratic barriers.
  6. To engage in public activity aimed at reversing the brain drain.

What We Do

  1. Regional Branches Worldwide fostering international communities of Israeli scientists and their families, run by volunteer researchers who coordinate professional events for members.
  2.  Professional and Social Meetings with key figures from the Israeli industry, academia and government. These meetings help researchers become familiar with Israel’s employment market and enable them to consult on furthering their career paths and create professional networks.
  3. Employment Fairs that facilitate local job interviews with Israeli employers and extend to subsidized flights if required.
  4. Entrepreneurship and Industry Workshops that introduce support tools and present success stories relating to technological entrepreneurship.
  5. Online Webinars featuring an introduction to employment in Israel, job-hunting tools, tips for transitioning from academia to industry, technological entrepreneurship promotion and exposure to projects recruiting scientists, in academia, industry and government.
  6. Job Center (web-based) within the organization’s website that allows Israelis with a PhD to search for industry-based and academic positions, as well as contact potential employers.
  7.  Flight Grants that subsidize flights for scientists with job interviews in Israel or those wishing to establish a technological initiative.
  8. Industry Workshop in Israel  – A five-day workshop in cooperation with partners from the pharma and biotech industry in Israel, which aims to provide tools and an introduction to applied research for scientists seeking to return to Israel and find a foothold in the industry. Flights are subsidized.
  9. Women in Science Program – to empower Israeli researchers at the start of their careers and to strengthen their scientific contacts with Israel so they can return to Israel and conduct their research there
  10. Information Center offering an active blog and contact person in Israel. It also provides support and guidance on questions relating to the bureaucratic procedures in relation to their return to Israel.
  11. research and policy formation featuring our researches, position papers and Protocols from the Knesset.