Membership in ScienceAbroad requires the following conditions:
(a) Israeli citizenship (b) Post-graduate degree (Masters’ degree at least) (c) Involvement in research (d) Living overseas (or planning an overseas stint).
Non-members may register on the site as potential employers and/or join our mailing list.

We do not collect membership fees. We expect active participation by our members in the organization’s various activities, and encourage them to help advance our initiatives among academic circles overseas to improve Israel’s image and to help create a bridge between the local community and Israel.

Living overseas without the supportive environment of friends and family is a challenge for many academics. ScienceAbroad membership ensures:
A supportive community for the member and his/her family – professional and social encounters
Contacts and tools to advance your professional career
*  Support upon return to Israel
*  Membership also allows you access to the Job Center; 
*  a database of Israeli colleagues worldwide (“Find a member”);
*  scholarships to subsidize plane tickets for work interviews in Israel;
*  contact with key figures in Israeli academia and industry.
If you’re about to leave Israel to go overseas, the organization will arrange a “soft landing” and connect you with a supportive community of Israeli academics. You can use the list of center directors and the colleagues database to make contact and receive information.
Members of the organization who have returned to Israel continue to help colleagues who are still overseas and seeking to return to Israel, and maintain professional exchanges.circles overseas to improve Israel’s image and to help create a bridge between the local community and Israel.

A branch is a local community of Israeli scientists who have regular professional and social meetings. The branch is run by a volunteer Israeli scientist who functions as the regional director of ScienceAbroad vis-à-vis members of the organization and external bodies, in the geographical region for which he or she is responsible.
The volunteer’s role is to maintain and broaden the organization’s membership within the region, to identify the members’ needs, and to communicate them to the organization’s management. The organization currently includes more than 25 branches on prominent campuses worldwide.

Israeli scientists in areas that currently have no branch are invited to participate in our online activity, including webinars and social networks.
Establishing a new branch requires two elements:
1.  A group of Israeli scientists who are interested in forming a community
2.  A scientist who is willing to volunteer to serve as regional director
Inquiries regarding the establishment of new branches should be addressed to [email protected] .

The organization’s activities are funded by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, Israeli American Council, Technion – Israel Institute of TechnologyHebrew University of Jerusalem, Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv UniversityBen-Gurion University of the NegevTel-Hai college, commercial and philanthropic bodies, and income from activities.

Information about our partners: https://www.scienceabroad.org.il/our-partners/

Join our partners – [email protected]

Only jobs in Israel may be advertised, but the target audience consists of the entire membership of the organization: Israeli researchers in the sciences who hold at least a Master’s degree.
You can post a job for free on the Jobs page, which is accessible to ScienceAbroad members only, for a period of three months, with an option for renewal.
Paid advertising is available on the home page, which is accessible to the public, and in the ScienceAbroad newsletter. Organizations that make an annual contribution to ScienceAbroad can advertise on the home page or in the newsletter for free.
To advertise a job, click here / send an e-mail to: [email protected] with the following details: Title, name of organization – department, location of the job, professional sphere, job description, requirements, contact person, and e-mail.
Advertising with ScienceAbroad allows to you reach a focused target audience that meets the criteria expected of researchers in Israeli academia and industry.
Registered employers are able to actively can headhunt candidates by specialty.

The organization appeals to a limited target audience, allowing employers to focus their advertising. The Jobs page is a service offered to members; therefore, access is limited to registered users who meet the criteria for membership in the organization.

The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration offers scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs subsidized flights for scientists with job interviews in Israel or those wishing to establish a technological initiative. The program is operated by ScienceAbroad.

A webinar is a seminar that is broadcast live online, allowing participants around the world to connect at the same time and to interact with the speaker.
ScienceAbroad holds monthly webinars on topics related to career advancement, familiarity with research institutions in Israel, familiarity with industry, tools for management and entrepreneurship, and general information about returning to Israel.
Registration for webinars (for members only) must be completed in advance. Each registered participant receives a unique link, which cannot be transferred to anyone else, in order to connect to the webinar. View a list of upcoming webinars.
Webinars can be accessed via either computer (recommended) or smartphone, and participants can ask questions during the transmission.
ScienceAbroad webinars are recorded, and past webinars can be accessed here.

Meetings with ScienceAbroad members at overseas centers – If you are planning an overseas trip (conference, sabbatical, business meetings), we would be glad to host you for a meeting with our members. These meetings are important opportunities for them to receive up-to-date information about research in Israel and how best to prepare themselves for their return. Click here for a list of centersclick here to contact us for the purposes of setting up a meeting.
Participation in our webinar program – ScienceAbroad offers online seminars on topics related to career development and information on projects seeking to recruit scientists for research in Israel. We would like to hear about ideas and subjects that can help scientists abroad planning their return to Israel. The webinars are broadcast live and recorded for future access. To contact us about leading a webinar, click here.

Job Center – We’ll be glad to advertise positions available and calls for tenders on our Jobs page and via our new media channels.
Seminars for doctoral students planning post-doctoral studies – ScienceAbroad conducts seminars at the universities for doctoral studies who are planning post-doctoral studies abroad. The seminars offer useful tips and we invite participants to sign up as members before they leave, so as to ease the transition period and help them maintain contact with Israel during their time abroad. To lead or to participate a seminar for doctoral students, click here.
We are a commercial company. What do we gain from cooperation with ScienceAbroad?
Since 2006, ScienceAbroad has served as a central address for Israeli scientists and researchers throughout the world, and is currently the largest such network.
We offer you focused access to Israeli academics studying and working abroad, as well as their families and colleagues. This community is characterized by strong ties to Israel and frequent visits. All our income is directed to promoting our Zionist endeavor to bring Israeli scientists back home and to maintain Israel’s position in world-class research.
We are a small organization and our staff is committed to providing timely response, personalized assistance, and the benefit of our knowledge and contacts.
The following cooperative possibilities are available:
If you decide to offer a benefit to ScienceAbroad members, this benefit will appear on our Benefits page, alongside your company’s logo and a dedicated link to your website. The benefit will also be reported in our newsletter.
Sponsorship of events
Advertising banner and paid content on the ScienceAbroad website
ScienceAbroad has official recognition for tax-deductible contributions both in Israel and in the US (section 46 in Israel – link to certification; 501c3 in the US).

Through reaching out to Israeli scientists. ScienceAbroad invests in individual capabilities, in strengthening Israeli connection and in Israel’s future. Returning scientists play a key role in:
* Bringing know how that contributes to the country’s pioneering R&D
* Expanding crucial international collaboration with leading researchers around the world
* Building bridges between Israeli and Jewish communities
* Promoting pluralism through bringing new understanding about Jewish identity to Israel.
Last year, we conducted a study that examined the barriers scientists face in returning to Israel, and the contribution to Israel’s GDP attributable to those scientists who did return.
We found that for the 103 ScienceAbroad members who returned in 2017, Israel will gain a significant economic benefit of US$255 million over the next five years, compared to a loss of US$5.5 million in direct income over a typical career period of 30 years, for every Israeli scientist who did not return.
Beyond its ‘brain gain’ activities, the organization serves as a professional and social network for scientists around the world. The organization has local branches at UCLA and Caltech.
The program assists researchers to connect with other researchers in the region, providing support and assistance for the move abroad and during their stay. Along with assisting the researcher and his family to maintain links with Israel, it encourages them to understand and connect with the local Jewish community.

Researchers are a living bridge between the Jewish community and Israel. They bring Israel to the community while abroad and become ambassadors when they return to Israel by bringing the values of pluralism and a link with world Jewry.  ScienceAbroad is unique in this area and is the only Israeli organization in the world that runs an Israeli researchers’ community.

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