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eggXYt’s mission is to enable a sustainable future in the chicken industry.
eggXYt makes it possible to detect a chick’s sex through the eggshell the moment it’s laid – saving the lives of 7 billion male layer chicks, saving the industry billions of dollars and adding 7 billion eggs to the global egg supply.
Each year the Layer Chicken industry sends 14 billion fertile eggs to hatcheries, where they are incubated for 3 weeks and only after they are hatched–are they manually identified as male or female by human chicken sexers. Male chicks, which cannot lay eggs, are immediately disposed, wasting billions of dollars. This is a massive financial and ethical challenge.
eggXYt’s CRISPR based proprietary technology revolutionizes the chicken industry. Using a biomarker on the male chromosome of a chicken embryo, the sex of the chick becomes detectable once the egg is laid, and more importantly before the chick hatches. Scanning the egg through the shell, eggXYt is saving billions of dollars on incubation, and manual sexing and waste management costs.

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