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Leor Katz, Ph.D.


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Leor completed his BSc in Bar Ilan University, Israel, where he studied the interplay between brain and behavior in the Brain Science program. He obtained his PhD in the Neuroscience department at the University of Texas at Austin where he studied the causal relationship between key brain regions to complex cognitive behavior such as decision-making. These days, Leor works as a postdoctoral research fellow at the National Institutes of Health, seeking to uncover the neural mechanisms governing our ability to selectively attend to one thing (such as the words you are currently reading) while ignoring others (such as the sensation of your shirt on your shoulders). Leor enjoys thinking about neurons, obsessing over aesthetics and cooking elaborate meals.

Past events

Rosh Hashana Sep-2014

Sukkot Oct-2014

Purim party 2015 Mar-2015

Meeting with Health Minister Litzman

Purim party for grown ups

Meeting with Dr. Sharon Schlesinger

Local Partners

הדס ברק

The Israeli American Council(IAC)