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As part of ScienceAbroad’s work, The Israeli Alumni branch is a home for scientists, researchers and doctors who performed studies or training abroad, after they return to Israel. The branch members have trained in leading global institutes and universities, and currently play key roles in various sectors, including tech, biotech, food tech, health-tech, pharma, and academia in Israel.

The goals of the group:
– Safeguard and promote the interests of scientists, researchers and doctors who have returned to Israel after their training abroad.
– Facilitating connections: Build a network of professional connections and support. The group harnesses a wide variety of fields of expertise, resources and access to information. Through our group and events, our members get to know each other, exchange ideas, and forge collaborations. We understand the value of connections in propelling progress and are committed to fostering an environment conducive to these interactions. Together, these connections will propel the Israeli ecosystem forward.
– Inspirational Insights: Stay Inspired and stay motivated by inspirational and influential speakers we host at our events. Speakers share stories on topics such as innovation, venture capital investments on a global scale, and any insight regarding the Israeli tech landscape in the past, present or future.

The group is currently as a WhatsApp group. To join, use this link:

Note, a screening process is in place to ensure all members are (1) Currently in Israel (2) Previously performed training abroad.

Meet Israeli Alumni's managers

Reut Shainer, Ph.D.

Israeli Alumni manager

Raz Bar-Ziv, Ph.D.

Israeli Alumni manager