Join Israeli scientists in Cambridge

Cambridge UK is a university city, home to one of the top universities in the world, the University of Cambridge and its 31 colleges. Cambridge is the base of Anglia Ruskin University, Addenbrooke’s hospital and numerous research institutes. It is at the heart of the high-tech Silicon Fen with diverse industries such as software and bioscience. It attracts many Israeli researchers.
Our ScienceAbroad centre serves as a social and professional networking hub and naturally as a source of information.
Members of our community come from different disciplines, including Life Sciences, Physics, Engineering, Health Professions, Phycology, Education, Literature and others.

We welcome every Israeli in the Cambridge and surrounding area to join us, feel free to drop us a line and join our Facebook page

Meet Cambridge's managers

Geula Hanin, Ph.D.

Regional Manager - Cambridge, UK