Project Description

Join our Stanford ScienceAbroad family today!!!
Our mission is to bring all scientific disciplines together to create a thriving Israeli community!

New or veteran Stanford affiliates are always welcome to turn to us and ask for support,
or offer their ideas and insights to help us grow and get better.

  • Our frequent social events are meant to create a sense of togetherness, spark up friendships and maintain the Israeli culture alive for individuals and families in our center.
  • In an effort to nurture scientific collaborations between our members we are kicking off a series of meetings and professional events that should serve as a meaningful support network and help us accomplish our goals abroad.
    We aim to empower our members by providing networking opportunities with Israeli and local organizations for professional and personal growth!
  • As we are at the heart of the Silicone valley we also try to expose our members to non-academic, start-up oriented professional routes by inviting prominent Israeli figures to present their stories.
  • We are surrounded by a large Jewish and Israeli community and we collaborate with the SF Israeli House, the Israeli and Jewish Community Centers and the Hillel on campus.

Moving to Stanford? Moving back to Israel? Need some advice? Is your spouse feeling lost or lonely? Need some cut-to-the-chase criticism of your work?

Give us a shout – we are here to make things happen for you!

Regional manager

Noga Or Geva, Ph.D.


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Noga loves all things that spark creativity and create some positive impact – including Art, Travel, and Science!

She joined Postdoctoral life in 2017 at Stanford (Prof. Lawrence Steinman) where she started a new chapter of her science career dedicated to neuroimmunology after completing her Ph.D. (and MSc) in regenerative immunology in the field of Bone Marrow Transplantation at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Prof. Yair Reisner).

Her husband (Shahar), their cat (Luli) and her currently reside in an overpriced apartment in Menlo Park, trying to live up to their own version of the American Dream.

Noga loves teaching and volunteering and was previously part of youth movements, Davidson Institute and Paamonim NGO in Israel. In the USA she volunteers with Women in Science, JCC, a homeless shelter/food distribution and now Science Abroad.

In her spare time, Noga is a jewelry designer, sculptor, dancer and somewhat of a travel addict.


Past events

Meeting with Dr. Nurit Eyal

מפגש עם ד”ר אסיה רולס מהטכניון בסטנפורד

Social hummus

Oren Kolodny job talk CDG

חגיגת חנוכה בסטנפורד – דצמבר 2017

מפגש עם פרופ’ מנואל טכטנברג במרכז בסטנפורד

Local Partners

ליאת ווינקלר

ישראלים בסטנפורד